Serena the Mermaid


About Serena the Mermaid

Serena the Mermaid is a professional cosplayer, Renaissance performer and public persona.  She swam all the way across the Pacific and up the river to Tri-Cities, WA where she is a delight to children of all ages.

Come close, tell the mermaid your wish and receive a an oceanic bauble from Serena to help your wish come true. Traveling the human world in her clam shell, she will be sure to bring magic to any birthday or event.

Serena and her bag of whosits and whatsits galore is a great guest for pool and beach themed parties or for anyone that just wants a glimpse under the sea!

As an active member of the small business arts & crafts community, Serena the Mermaid also participates in the popular Coupon Fairy Book with her very own Etsy Store: Seams Sew Savage where you can get your VERY OWN custom Mermaid tail – Explore & Purchase the CouponFairy Book!

Location & Range: Tri-Cities, WA Area (further travel negotiable).







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 Serena the Mermaid’s Event Pictures!

FAE Productions at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renfaire 2014


Ye Merrie Greenwood 2015


Relaxing with a tail reflexology massage after the long swim to Howard Amon Park!


FAE Productions at Ye Merrie Greenwood 2015


Seashells by the Shore


Ye Merrie Greenwood 2014









































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