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FREE EVENTS! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the magic of the Enchanted Realms, so we ditched the middle ticketing-man. Community support means events are kept low cost by everyone contributing a little bit via our patreon.  If you want to upgrade your benefits and status to get better rewards and in-game goodies, you can do that too!

Be a part of the Greatest Fairytale on Earth! We are an event production group that creates: LARP Festivals, Socials & Meetups, Online Games, YouTube Live-streams, and more!

Mission: Be the Magic, Enchant the Earth! Fae Productions mission is to produce epic fantasy LARP & festival experiences that combine to create the greatest living-fairytale on earth. We aim to keep magic and folklore alive through the use of present day tools such as festivals, gaming, performing arts, videography and workshops. It is our commitment to provide a space for our patrons, performers, handmade merchants and authors that make our community genuinely original. Our goal is to help everyone live a little bit of their dream.

By becoming a patron you can receive some/all of the following benefits!

  • Discounted ticket rates and early-bird access for all of our events and swag!
  • Preferred Camping/Parking @ Events
  • Early access to Quest Drops, bonus game knowledge/content
  • Glamour Magic Lessons, Spells, Printables & More!
  • A handmade, personalized Key to Faery
  • An ongoing 5% – 20% discount at The Gilded Quill
  • Monthly Dross (experience points) stipend for use online & at events
  • Access to videos, audio fairy tales & DIYs and Patron Only content, previews, bloopers and more PLUS

Where does your money go when you contribute?

  1. Event Production!! This is the #1 place that money gets allotted and it is how we are able to produce events. You contributions help cover costs like space rental, media/advertising, storage, props, decor, operational expenses (food, generators, garbage & waste disposal, etc)
  2. Website, Streaming/Discord Services, Videography & Graphic Design: platforms such as StreamYard, Discord, Photoshop, Video Editing soft & hardware along with a host of other necessary expenses that enable us to better produce events, pay artists & performers, and bring you constant quality content!
  3. Snail Mail such as Event Invitations, Quests, Post Cards and other costs associated with physical item rewards such as event pins and VIP Bags

Subscribers and Participants

FaePro has three primary types of folk that interact with us: 

  1. Subscribers – these are people that have boldly taken the plunge and joined the Patreon where they receive a variety of membership and VIP benefits
  2. Participants – those who come to our events and engage with us
  3. Small Businesses (B2B) – vendors, artists, authors, other events/event producers.  We produce a great deal of content aimed at supporting the handmade and indie communities. Vendors and artists both attend our events with their booths to create the Fairy Market, as well as appear on our weekly YouTube shows. We also trade business-to-business spotlights and promos to try to make advertising affordable for all.  We always welcome anyone that is small biz/handmade/indie to sign up and connect with us! (, )

If you are liking any part of what we do, please consider a small contribution – it helps us keep bringing you great things! Support our events by becoming our Patron & get exclusive VIP benefits!