Enchant the Earth!

14137697_10207252597015617_55463631_nWelcome to  Fantasy Arts Entertainment (F.A.E.) Productions. We are an event production group that creates a variety of content including but not limited to: LARP Festivals & Events, YouTube Livestreams, Social Meet-ups & Shenanigans, Fairy Academy Magic Workshops, Geocaching Hunts & Finds, Audio Fairytales & Books, Uboxings and so much more!

To educate, preserve, create and actualize the magical realms of folklore & fantasy by bringing awareness to both the historical tradition and modern evolution. We use present day tools such as gaming, consent-based live-action role-play, performing arts, videography and event production to breathe life into the avatars and stories that are within each of us, recording them as real-life fairy tales in the spirit of manifesting dreams and imagination.  We aim to enchant the earth!