FAEry Academy

Rules of Faery

  1. Never Take, Always Trade – Faeries never just take anything, even gifts!  Whenever someone gives you something, always be prepared to offer even the smallest token in appreciation.
  2. Pinky Swear – The pinky swear is the most solemn of Oaths. Never swear to what you can’t uphold.

FAEry_Certificate1 Workshops!

FAEry Academy is our selection of workshops that you can book.  We will come out to your party, festival, convention, or just a small get-together in a local shop or store and host a session of your choosing.

If you have a large event with more than small classroom numbers, please contact us!  We can accommodate both large groups and intimate numbers. 🙂

Classes & Activities

Mermaid Watercolor Paintingsmermaid_watercolor1
Description: In this workshop, attendees will be furnished with a small canvas, watercolor paints and a variety of sea salts.  They may paint their canvas how ever they choose as we explore the use of textures and color.  While the paint is wet, they are encouraged to sprinkle different sea salts onto their painting in order to watch how the ingredients all interact with one another.  Their mermaid painting is theirs to take home!

Classroom: $5 per person

Large Event: Please contact us for bulk rates based on your projected attendees.


Faery Glyph & Sigil WorkshopOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Description: In this workshop, students will learn the basic premise of what glyphs and sigils and their use, and cover a little bit of their history.  We will go over some beginning elements of sigil craft and discuss what differentiates fae sigils from other types.

Each student will receive a complimentary kit that they can use to craft their own sigil.  Students will be encouraged to design their own glyphs.  We will cover activation of the sigil and students will be provided with some freebie in their packages that they can take home and use to practice on their own.

Classroom: $12 per person

Butterfly Terrarium

Butterflies are self propelled flowers.”

Description: Come build your own Butterfly Terrarium with :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:!  In this workshop, spritelings will get to fill their very own glass orb, transforming it from a plain old ornament into an enchanted terrarium filled with fluffy green moss, flower petals, ephemera and a colorful butterfly J  These glass bubble terrariums can be hung from a stand, strung up in a sunlit window, or on your rear view mirror.

As a finishing touch, small pieces of paper marked with inspirational words may be added to your terrarium to help inspire chrysalis! Butterfly Terrariums are excellent for reminding us that change can be beautiful and good.

Class is best suited for children aged 6+.  Younger children may need parental supervision.

Classroom: $7 per person

Fairy Luminariesfairyluminaries1

Description: In this workshop, each person will receive a glass jar (of random shape and size) that they will decorate into a fairy light!  Using glues, tissue paper, ribbons, silk leaves, feathers and other craft embellishments, the jars are first covered and then spruced up with a variety of add-ons.

When finished they will be perfect for electric or regular tea-lights. (Customers use tealights at own risk).

Classroom: $12 per person

Fairy Nest Building ($7 / per Attendee):

Using a grapevine twig ball, participants with craft and decorate a nesting home for fae that can be set on a flat surface or hung up.  This is an interactive class where attendees will cut a hole from the ball and then use various embellishments to pad the inside and silk flowers and leaves to decorate the outside.  Once complete, a ribbon can be attached for hanging.

Alternately: This could be done bird’s nest style using baubles and marbles and seaglass for jewels or hatchlings

Thumbelina’s Thimble Garden ($5 – 7 / Attendee)

This activity involves planting a wee mossy garden into a tiny thimble and adding some silk flowers to the top.  It can be upgraded to using altoid tins to make mini fairy gardens using stones, sea glass, shells, baubles, leaves and other garden ephemera and decoration.

Bliss Bottle Workshop ($5 / Attendee) bliss_bottle

In this workshop, participants will be provided with a small bottle, decorations and ephemera, a selection of motivational “fortune slips” and an array of dried flower petals.  Together, they will get to build their own bottle, filled with fairy bliss that is specialized to the good intentions they wish to focus on or attract to them. Pictures will be taken for facebook pages and website!


Fairy Door Workshop ($5 / Attendee)fairydoor_workshop05_sff2015

Make your own magical gateway! In this workshop, participants will use craft pop-sickle sticks, glue, silk flowers, glitter, baubles and other ephemera to create their very own fairy door!  This is a great activity for younger and older crafters, working hands on with different materials and colors.