FAEry Academy

Rules of Faery

  1. Never Take, Always Trade – Faeries never just take anything, even gifts!  Whenever someone gives you something, always be prepared to offer even the smallest token in appreciation.
  2. Pinky Swear – The pinky swear is the most solemn of Oaths. Never swear to what you can’t uphold.
  3. Always Tell the Truth – Faeries are bound to tell the truth, even the Unseelie who are renowned for bending the rules.  The truth however, can be a clever and tricksy thing and fae are well-known for their wordplay!

FAEry_Certificate1 Workshops!

Have you always wanted to study the Art of Glamour?  Now you can right from home! Fairy magic workshops cover a variety of topics and skills from spell casting, candle making, choosing your magic wand or tools and more!

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Online Lessons

Lícuma Naur (Candlefire) Spell

Description: In this workshop, students will walk through the creation of how to make their own hand-rolled, beeswax candle (or otherwise inscribe a taper) to be used in their glamour magic spells.  It includes a copy of the Lícuma Naur Spell to print for your Glamerie (Book of Secrets), as well as Opening, Invocations, Activation and Closing.

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Faery Glyph & Sigil Workshop

Description: In this workshop, students will learn the basic premise of what glyphs and sigils and their use, and cover a little bit of their history.  We will go over some beginning elements of sigil craft and discuss what differentiates fae sigils from other types.

Students are encouraged to design their own glyphs.  We will cover activation of the sigil and students will be provided with some freebie that they can download for use at home and use to practice on their own.

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Faery Balefire Starter Logs & Workshop

Description: This DIY glamour workshop walks you through the upcycling process to make magical Faerie Balefire starter logs.  It is accompanies the Bealteine Invocation which you can download and print for your own An Leabhar Glamerie (Book of Secrets) and use at home.

If you saw the live demonstration making these, please watch this version of the lesson. It includes additional instructions and suggestions for truly imbuing your logs with Faerie Magic, that was not included or mentioned in the live session.

You may use your Glameries as an excellent reference for the meanings of various additives to your project.

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Magic Wand Selection

Description: This lesson discusses magical tools and various methods by which you can help determine which wand is right for you in a sea of options.

It also covers astrological signs and their corresponding elements so that you can take this knowledge into account when deciding.  A complimentary digital page containing the lesson is available for download and use in your own Book of Secrets.

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