Hedge Chronicles



The Hedge Chronicles is the Urban Fantasy LARP (live-action role-playing game) that is the unifying thread of all FaePro events. Whether the events and activities we host are in-person, or virtual content, they all share an active part in the overarching setting of our realm.

In 2015, the Fae Realm began to emerge from The Long Winter. It is now current day and the Spring Thaw is upon the Fae Realm, with enchanted folk returning to begin public immersion into a very urbane world.

Cross the Hedge on Discord

We have a thriving online community via our Discord server: The Hedge. Our main OOC (out-of-character) chat is in the #butterscotch-flophouse channel and we welcome all to join us and hang out at your leisure.

Twice monthly (1st Tuesday and 3rd Saturday), we come together for IC Hedge Gathers (game) and volunteer meetings (usually preceding events).  Announcements are around 7pm Pacific time, and then it is Game On!

If you would like to create a Persona and join us, the bar to creation is very low and here is the link to our Persona Creation Form.

What is The Hedge?

“The Hedge” is that Enchanted Realm where our shared tales take place.  It is that unseen realm that overlaps our everyday world, that sometimes people get a glimmer of but that you must truly look with your magic eyes to step through and into.

In folklore, “the hedge” is a familiar allegory for a sort of barrier that separates the mundane world from a magical, enchanted realm.  Many strange and amazing beings live within it, and beyond the hedge countless worlds both of beauty and of horror are there to be explored.

It is often described as a huge, unsurpassable briar of gnarly thorns and vines and the effort to cross this barrier can be understood as symbolic of the difficult journey – be it spiritual, physical or mental, that it can be to leave behind the old world one once knew, and embark into a realm filled with a magic of spirit and mind, where dreams come true and wishes are fulfilled, impossible is possible, and people are free to embrace their inner s’elves (if you will), appearing in their true forms of their own choosing, free from the confines of mundanity.

In FaePro, we have chosen to keep this folklore alive by using the allegory of the The Hedge as our way to communicate stepping out of your everyday shoes, and into that Enchanted you that, together with others, invokes of magic of creating a tapestry of stories and experiences with one another.

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