About FAE: My Story

Fantasy Arts & Entertainment is headquartered in the beautiful Emerald City (Seattle, WA). I, :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: am the head FiC around the Castle (or at least my cats let me think that)!

I am an event performer, children’s entertainer, flautist and sole-proprietor on Etsy.  I’ve written one children’s book (Princess Lolly and the Will o’Wisp Hunt) with my eye on #2.

My favorite pastimes are reading, writing, doting on my pets (5 cats and 1 suggie), playing music and finding new friends for my #CreatureCollection.

A couple-few years ago I decided to branch out and do something new.  I began traveling the human world and documenting the weird, unusual and otherwise amazing places I visited. Fast-forward to now, and here we are: a full blown Fairy Travel Vlog and Channel! 

When I am not traveling the silver path, I am work back at the Castle making handmade magical supplies, reading audio books, producing Fairyblossom Festival, teaching FAEry Academy workshops and making DIY videos.



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