About Fantasy Arts & Entertainment

F.A.E. Productions


Lady La De Dah, Breezle, :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

Fantasy Arts & Entertainment is headquartered in the beautiful Emerald City (Seattle, WA). We are an entertainment and party company that offers a variety of real-life fantasy characters, cosplays, make-up artists, performers and more.

What sets us apart is our cast of *real* characters that our performers personally portray.  We are not re-imagined pop-culture icons!

Meet our one-of-a-kind cast by booking us for your event or party, or by attending public festivals, conventions and Renaissance faires where we are often found playing, hosting panels, workshops, games, and more!3rdPlace_Feb3_001

The characters you see here have been imagined by their actors as full-fledged beings with stories, histories and a style all their own.  They are then brought to life by the ladybugs and yellow-jackets that portray them, all to bring the magic of fantasy and wonder into the human world for your entertainment.

Our players are located both near and far, available for bookings in their locales.

If you want a truly original experience for your event or your younglings, look no further!  You’ll find the most creative, friendly and FUN crew right here!


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