Applebash Harvest

Joy_007Autumn is here! Apple cider, falling leaves,  corn husks, pumpkin hurling, trade blankets, skill workshops, silly games; a time for settling deals, disputes and making accords.

Join the FAE for our last outdoor camping event of the season, in September to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.  Bring your mallets, hammers and bats because we are going to also bash some apples!

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ABOUT Autumn Equinox: Sep 21-22 (though the dates of our event may vary slightly based on site availability). In the northern hemisphere, this cross-quarter day marks the traditional (as opposed to the astrological) middle of Autumn.

For the Fae, this is the time of year where treaties and alliances are sealed, deals are struck, the last of the harvest season trades take place, disputes are brought forward and settled, workshops and skill-trade lessons are held and more.

20201003_160034–You are encouraged to bring items you may want to barter or trade with others and a blanket to display your wares

–If you have extra gourds and perhaps inedible apples, bring them! They will find a perfect use in hurling and bashing.

–This is a relaxed event (court attire is optional)

–VIPs will get parking nearer the entrance.

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