Our Events

Schedule of 2017 Events Attended by F.A.E.


21 – 23 Goblin Market:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

26th    The Secret Gaden:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

28 – 30 Wenatchee Renaissance Faire:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, Ion the Leprechaun, Serafina


10th The Magic Flute:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

19th Lakewood Garden Fairyfest:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

20 – 21 FAE at Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird (Tacoma Edition):**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:


17 – 18 Fairyblossom Festival:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, Ion the Leprechaun, Count Morbid, Leaflock

24 – 25 Oddmall PNW Summer Show:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:


Canterbury Renaissance Faire


25 – 26 Ye Merrie Greenwood Faire: :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, Count Albin Morbid III, Serena the Mermaid


7 – 9 Magic City MonsterCon Faerie Queen Rose

19 Seattle Opera: Hansel & Gretel :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:


19 – 20 OddmallPNW Holiday Edition: :**:Solstice Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, Fruitcake the Elf

Events Produced by F.A.E.

Fantasy Arts and Entertainment produces several NW events that are open to the public to attend.  These range from fully costumed fantasy festivals to Renaissance themed markets and winter shopping bazaars.


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June 24 – 25, 2017! Fairyblossom Festival is a fully inclusive fantasy event featuring a handmade Fairy Market, Entertainment, Cosplay Contest, Camping and more!

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