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FPL_014 Seattle PNW Oddmall Ambassador :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: is interviewed on King 5 News Weekend Morning News with Natasha Ryan and Meg Coyle to discuss this unique and eclectic craft and artisan event!

Our 2015 fantasy event, Fairyblossom Festival, made the Chehalis-Centralia news with a feature in The Chronicle.

Fairy Princess Lolly turns regular hair into fairy hair at an Oddmall earlier this year. Children can join in her 400th “bloomday” celebration with a pinata and other festivities at the balloon castle.  Your kids can don unicorn hats and party with Fairy Princess Lolly in the balloon castle in celebration of her 400th “bloomday.” Sidekicks include her handmaiden Lady Leaflock and science magician Ion the Leprechaun.


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Michella Freeman, 3, receives a prize from Princess Lolly for winning a costume contest during the Spring Fairy Festival at Green River Community College last Saturday.

— Image Credit: Rachel Ciampi/Auburn Reporter

Fairy Princess Lolly is a very modern fairy who embraces human culture. She appears atRenaissance fairs and conventions, where she likes to spend time with children, doing crafts and playing games. She recently granted an interview to the Fairies Examiner to share her story and talk about her fairytastic new book.


Faerie Magazine

:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: is featured in Faerie Magazine as “The Illuminationist”,  a digital painting by graphic artist Susan Schroder.  Visit Susan’s website and see more of her work at: Susan Schroder Art.


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