Kingdom of Shimmering Waters

History of Shimmering Waters

A Ghillie Dhu (pronounced ‘yeel dooh‘) is a solitary faerie, known to be a guardian and custodian of the plants and trees. Johnny Appleseed is perhaps the most famous New World (that is, North American) Ghillie Dhu. Noted for going barefoot, in threadbare clothes and wearing a cooking pot as a hat, he travelled all over The Kingdoms of Rolling Hills & Shimmering Waters & Northern Ice.

Apples are sacred to the Fae. A silver bough of an apple tree is said to open the gateway to Faery.  Faery Apples which confer immortality are said to always lie “in the West”, also the direction of the Isle of Avalon (translation: Apple Island).

Johnny planted nurseries of the revered apple tree everywhere he went.  True to Ghillie Dhu nature, he was very kind to all animals & insects and loved for his stories. Today, we call the practice of capriciously planting seeds in unlikely places guerrilla gardening!