Kingdom of Grass

What’s Happening?!

County of Black Hills: OPEN
50s Diner Geocache, Fargo, ND
Enchanted Castle & Geocache, Regent, ND
Enchanted Highway Geocache Pt.1: Tin Family, Regent, ND
Enchanted Highway Geocache Pt.2: Roosevelt Rides Again, Regent, ND
Enchanted Highway Geocache Pt.3: Pheasants on Prairie, Regent, ND

History of Grass

Deadwood Banshee & Saloon Skeleton In the heart of the Black Hills, in the Kingdom of Grass (specifically, South Dakota by human cartography) is said to roam a Faerie called the Deadwood Banshee, or as they are known in the Old World, Bean Sidhe.  It is said that she will appear to folk after dark, looking forlorn and with eyes imploring help.  Do not  ask her what it is she needs however, for if you do, she will shriek most terribly and disappear to the top of a nearby hill, wringing her hands.

The lady is often followed by or in the company of a fellow Skeleton.  He is said to be drawn to music, and is often seen sitting outside a lively saloon, tapping his foot or bobbing his head in time with the tunes being played.  If one is to leave a fiddle out for him, he will take it up and play merrily all night!  Do not be tempted to follow him away however, for those who do are said be driven to madness by the skill of his music, or to have their souls lured from their bodies.