Kingdom of Burning Sun

History of the Burning Sun

Pixie Saddle. The Little People are well known for their capricious ways, and in some respects, that did not change much when they migrated westward.

This tiny, but colorful saddle is a testimony to just such a mischievous nature.  Down in the Kingdom of Burning Sun, where riding horses is an art, way of life and living, even the wee folk had their westernized competitions and traditions.

After nightfall, when the Sprites and Pixies (pixies are a western version of the old world ‘piskie’) are feeling particularly energetic, they “borrow” tack from the stables and make a game of sneaking up on the barn cats, throwing the saddle on their backs by surprise, and riding the bolting feline out as far as they can across the fields, yowling in objection the entire way!

Just like a bucking bronco, who is thrown from the cat last is the winner!