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History of Apples

The Green Fairy: La Fee Verte is perhaps one of the most legendary faeries around the globe and New World Faery is no exception!  Beloved by musicians, poets and artists of all kinds, she is a source of inspiration.

The Green Fairy seeks out those individuals who have the spark of ingenuity.  She finds those with ideas in their head but who do not use them. Rather than let that creativity go to waste, she takes the unused or discarded ideas from those are not using them and imbues them into her green drink. Some say that the Absinthe is both her name, and the name of the drink.

It is said that to release the muse of the Green Fairy, one must open the bottle, breathe in her fragrance and drink the bitter elixir within.  Then will the genius of creativity and inventiveness descend upon thee.

As the Faeries prefer often sweet to sour, the drink is traditionally served chilled, dripped slowly over a sugar cube as it dissolves into the drink.

The Eye of the Dullahan: The most infamous American Dullahan is the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. The Dullahan is a headless Faerie that rides through the darkness on a black Nightmare.  It carries its own head in its hand, sometimes slashed ear to ear in a frozen, rictus grin.  This gruesome fae of the Unseelie Court is often depicted cracking a whip made of a human spine as it tears through the wood.

Where the Dullahan stops and calls out a name, it is said the person will die in that spot.  Like most fae, it is a very private creature and particularly does not like to be observed doing its work.  If one is caught spying on the Dullahan, it is said to pluck out one of eyeballs of the voyeur.

The eye you see here is rumoured to have belonged to the Dullahan, plucked but dropped in the creature’s rush to disappear back beyond the mists.