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ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: N 47° 21.007 W 122° 00.967
Tucked in the woods of Maple Valley, you will find an enchanted walk called “The Gnome Trail”. It is along this trail that Ion the Leprechaun and I have stashed a cache for you to find. The rules of the trail ask that the Gnomes not be touched, so we have placed this cache where it is easy to nab.

You are looking for a tree stump that is immediately trail-side so you never have to leave the path. There are literally hundreds of gnomes along this woodland path but you will know the one you are looking for by the clue in the title of this cache. This trail is a fun loop within a network of trails called Henry Ridge in Maple Valley. It is OK to park on the roads, just don’t block any driveways.

You will be in for a (beautiful) walk with this one, so plan for a bit of time, there are various starting points to get into the trails, but you’re probably looking at 2-4 miles round-trip. It isn’t that deep in the woods, it is just that the trails have a lot of switch-backs and wind around. There are several fun trails out here, and several other caches if you’re up for multiple finds along the way. Have fun!

–First-to-Find has a bonus surprise inside!
–Bring your own writing implement.
–There is some fairy swag, but please remember one of the Rules of Faërie: Never take, always trade.
–PLEASE be sure to replace this as you found it, or it will get muggled.
–Caution: some of these trails are mountain-biking trails so looking out for speedy bicyclers!

There was a little gnome, who felt all alone
And wished he had some friends
In the forest of gnomes he built a Pinecone-roof Home
And was never alone again!

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