Forest Tea Party Package


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Forest Tea Party Package! $249 :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: will arrive at your home or location on the special day to bring favors, fun and activities for your spriteling. Make it special with memories you’ll never forget!

Your Forest Tea Party party will include (max 10-12 children):
— 1 hour meet-n-greet visit with :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

–Forest Tea Party set up

–Tiara, wings and wand for the special celebrant

–Story Time!

–Dwarven Mining Stone party favors for each spriteling (gemstones hidden inside of glittery rocks, like a geode, for your cracking pleasure)

–1 Glittery Strand of Fairy Hair for thy brow

–1 Pixie Portrait for each child that wants one, and one for the group. These are physical, 2″ x 3″ photos that will be taken and printed on-site.

On the designated day and time, with a whisk of my wand and flutter of wings, I shall arrive to bring your youngling treasure and shiny things! We will begin our festivities with a wing-granting ceremony.

Fairy Party Favors will be passed out and sELFies will be taken for printing the Pixie Portraits on-site for you to keep!

All supplies will be included. +$10/per extra child

NOTE:  Packages include travel within the Greater Emerald City (Seattle) area, from Renton to Marysville. Outside that area is an addition 0.50/mile (please message me if you need a special listing for this!)