Fairy Fly-by

Fairy Fly-by! $79 Get your very own special guest appearance from a *real* fairy! :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: will fly by your home or location on the special day to meet-n-greet kiddos, with a special treet for everyone! Make it special with memories you’ll never forget!

Your Fairy Fly By will include (max 10-12 children):
— 30 minute meet-n-greet visit with :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:

–Fairy Favor for each party-goer

–Pixie Portrait group photo for you to keep. These are physical, 2″ x 3″ photos that will be taken and printed on-site.

–Personalized and signed copy of “Princess Lolly & the Will o’Wisp Hunt”, a real fairy tale about Lolly and her friends based on a true story!

On the designated day and time, with a whisk of my wand and flutter of wings, I shall arrive to bring your youngling treasure and shiny things!

Fairy Party Favors will be passed out and Pixie Portraits are printed on-site for you to keep!

All supplies will be included. +$10/per extra child

This package includes travel within the Greater Emerald City (Seattle) area, from Renton to Marysville. Outside that area is an addition 0.50/mile (please message me if you need a special listing for this!)