Come Away with the F.A.E, Get Your Fairy Loot Today!

A Fairy Loot Crate is a unique and personalized monthly box of magic for every fantasy enthusiast and intrepid adventurer out there. Get your crate and get excited!

The Fairy Tale Begins…

It all starts with the arrival of your very own, handmade Fairy Key.  Follow the clues, decode the magic words and join :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: as she explores realms weird, wondrous, fun and zany hidden in plain human sight!


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What’s in a Crate?

Each box contains a collection of awesome handmade items, favors, and travel trinkets delivered via Snail-Mail to your door every month.  In addition, you get these other bennies!

  • Monthly Pen-pal post card from :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:
  • Access to Patron Only previews, bloopers and content PLUS
  • Permanent 15% discount at The Gilded Quill
  • Recognition in the credits at the end of our videos
  • FREE Entry into a monthly drawing (like this one) for a fun pressies from my magic store
  • Travel Trinkets and Souvenirs from Faery-ing adventures

Want to Start Smaller?

Choose from either of these two programs if you’d like to get a taste for bigger things to come!

          Snail Mail Pen Pals!                                                                   Travel Trinkets!

$2 / Month Click to Sign Up!

$2 / Month Click to Sign Up!


$5 / Month Click to Sign Up!







August 2017 Dross Box





July 2017 Dross Box

May/June 2017 Dross Box

  • Personalized Letter from :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:
  • Map of Faery Realm
  • Monthly New World Faery Gift
  • Entry into Monthly Gilded Quill Drawing
  • Secret Garden Watering Can
  • Thumbelina’s Thimble Garden
  • Custom Designed Postcard
  • Sweets from the Aplets & Cotlets Faeries