Community Work

FAE-reCYCLE Program!

It takes a whole community to chip in an produce grass-roots events.  As our way of recognizing group effort and giving back to our FAE community (FAEmily, if you will), we have implemented no-strings GIFTing program to help those that could use a boost in monetary human leaves ($$, that is).


Each year at our largest event, Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games, we collect up all the cans and bottles and redeem them at a bottle drop.

The sum total of this haul will be gifted to a member of our Patreon Community (in current active standing) for their personal use, no-strings attached.  It may be used to pay for school trips, supplies, clothes, other events, personal bills or expenses, pets – or whatever the recipient chooses.


  • You must be a current member of our Patreon Faemily, at any level, to participate
  • After Fairyblossom Festival, applicants will fill out a submission form with their name and why they think they should be awarded the FAE-reCYCLE Gift
  • All entries will be posted in the FAE Hollow FB Group, publicly, for a voting period
  • ONLY current Patreon Faemily members may vote on a winner
  • At the close of voting, winner will be announced and gifted!


To become eligible for this program, as well as receive a host of other benefits packages, you can join our Patreon Faemily any time, at any level!  Just click the button below to get started!

Save 5% – 20% on your tickets & support our events by becoming our Patron!