Party Favors!

Willowisps_005$49.99 Group of 10 – Adopt your very own Will o’the Wisps! You and all your party guests will receive a plushie Will o’the Wisp and adoption certificate. These are handmade from a variety of soft and fuzzy yarns, stuffed with fluff and given eyes all the better to see you with.



Dwarven_Mining_Stones1$11.99 10 Dwarven Mining Stone party favors, each in it’s own organza baggie.

These gemstones are embedded within a donought-hole sized ball of clay that is then rolled in fairy dust (glitter). They are easily crackable to reveal the jewel inside, so children as young as 2 can do it (usually with a little help to aim on the younger ones).

$5.99 Glitter Tattoos are all the rage! Now you can DIY with these glitter tattoo kits and show off your sparkly self to all your friends. I’ve gathered together all the supplies you’ll need to get started learning how to make your own glitter tats.



Tasty Treats!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA$19.99 YUM! 10 grab bags of salty-sweet kettlecorn are perfect for any party! With an assortment of flavors to choose from, it’s sure to be a hit no matter what your event. We pop each bundle of kettlecorn ourselves, bag it in cellophane and twist-tie it closed with a colorful ribbon flourish.

Flavors Available: Cherry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Plain, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Grape, Caramel


$14.99 10 UNICORN Horns Chocolate and Strawberry Party FAVORS, Birthday, Event! Unicorn Horns are a super fun treat, perfect for any party! Each unicorn horn is individually packaged, containing approximately 2 servings each. They are filled with hot chocolate or strawberry powder, chocolate/white chocolate chips (respectively), and stuffed with marshmallows!