Beaster Market Egg Hunt!

Congratulations!  You have found your way to our Beaster Market Virtual Egg Hunt!

If you want to get in on the hunt, you will need to join our Discord server, The Hedge, at this link:

How to do the Shopping Thing!

During the course of your hunt, you may want to use Enchanted Magic Items to help you out.  Here is a list of our partner merchants for this event.  If you shop with them until EOD, Saturday, April 11th, your item will be Enchanted (with proof of purchase) for use in-game!

If you purchase an item, just screen shot your receipt, and find an Ovate in The Hedge.  They will get you set up with Enchanting your item for in-game use.

:rabbit: The Gilded Quill

:rabbit: Vault of the Fae:

:rabbit: Kittie Hanks – Kitties Trinkets and Treasures:

:rabbit:Tariana Hendry – PNW Soap Co:


:rabbit:Hannah Ricke – Mental Paint:

:rabbit:Christina Monteith- Merkitty’s Creations:

:rabbit:Cryptid Comforts:

Wild Rose Bead Company:

Scary White Girl Designs:

:rabbit:Gadget’s Adventure Emporium:


:rabbit:Niamh Gone Wired:

:rabbit:Kikis Kauldron:

:rabbit:My Curse Purse:

:rabbit:Mary Market Art:

:rabbit:Corner of the Eye:

:rabbit:The Locals Store:

:rabbit:Kindred Underground:

:rabbit:Brigids Whispers:

:rabbit:Jim’s 3d Prints:

:rabbit:Faith Dreams Jewelry:

:rabbit:Benjamin Bartlett:

:rabbit:Kellie G. Visual Art:

:rabbit:Rainy Bug Snark & Art:

:rabbit:My Lucky Dragon:

:rabbit:Full Moon Rising Body Care:

:rabbit:Buddhist Moon:

:rabbit:Seme Family Foods:

:rabbit:Belfaire Pop:


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