Crown Point Lower Level

Two sets of stairs wrap like arms, hugging a door on the lower level between them.  Square stones form a fence which one can approach for a view down the cliff-side.  Inside the doors there appears to be a gift shop.

As you approach the door, there is a small bin with a clorox wipe popping up from it, a stark reminder of the human condition that this area of the world is still facing.  Nevertheless, the door is unlocked and a small brass bell jingles overhead as the door swings past it.

Compared to the outside, it is warm and quiet within the souvenir shop.  There are racks of post cards, trinkets, silver spoons  with the state crest on the handle, pins in the shape of Crown Point, and books about the history of the area.

Featured in an alove is a hand-smithed silver and turquoise earring and necklace set from artisans of the local tribe, twinkling under bright light.  In another there is a stylized egg with wood-carved totem Thunderbird perched atop it, clutching it in its talons.


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