Circus Birthday

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Circus Birthday Party Package! $249 Adria the Juggler is a world famous knife juggler who brings the fun of juggling and laughter to you with her audience interactive comedy juggling. Ever seen a rubber chicken juggled? How about plungers? Adria can do it all!

Parents are guaranteed to approve of the Public Health messages of the prizes!! All her performances and comedy are family-oriented and age appropriate with a variety of outfits and costumes to fit your event.

Included in this package is:
–1 – 3 Hour Juggling appearance and show

–Juggling props include, but are not limited to: Juggling Clubs, Juggling Rings, Chinese Yo-yo’s, Bean Bags, Rubber Chickens, Razor Sharp Toilet Plungers of Mass De-suck-tion, axes and knives!

–Interactive group lessons with the Chinese Yo-yo, bean bags, rings and more – try your dexterity at juggling!

–Party Favors for your guests – Adria has the dubious notoriety for giving out the absolutely worst prizes to volunteers in her show.

Are you ready for your personal party entertainment of the circus arts?!

**This package includes travel within the Greater Emerald City (Seattle) area, from Renton to Marysville. Outside that area is an addition 0.50/mile (please message if you need a special invoicing for this!)**

***Cancellations are entitled to a 50% refund. Performance time may be increased at the event by request, resulting in increased performance fee***
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Adria the Juggler is a PNW entertainer specializing in family oriented, audience interactive, comedy juggling. She travels the Northwest appearing at private parties, corporate events, Renaissance faires and festivals. Adria performs shows, instruction and team building activities. Private, community, public and corporate bookings available.