Meet Our Characters


Available in greater Billings / Helena, MT

Faerie Queen Rose is a Renaissance performer and children’s entertainer from Billings, Montana.  She travels the greater area to appear at renfaires, festivals, parades and conventions.

In her bag of magic she has crafts, baubles, bubbles, story time and more!

When she isn’t whisking around events, she contributes a copious amount of her time to charitable causes, often appearing to ensure that every child gets a sprinkle of smiles and magic.

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Available in WA, OR, ID

:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: lives in the Kingdom of Storms, Duchy of Cascadia. She flies around the Pacific Northwest (and sometimes beyond!) visiting spritelings for parties & celebrations.  Like any good fairy, she has a bag full of shiny trinkets, magical party favors, and fun activities perfect for any event!

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Volunteer Fae

Parties, events, renfaires and festivals can be a really big production!  On occasion, everyone needs a little help.  Here are some of the whimsical characters that attend or travel with our Fairy Court from time to time to volunteer their help.


Count Albin Morbid III is a type of fae known as Sluagh (pronounced ‘sloo-ah’). They are given to whispering, prefer muted colors and the Autumn and Winter seasons. Count Morbid can typically be found skulking around the FAEry Court, snapping pictures and recording video. His ability to lurk makes him the perfect photographer!


Leaflock is a fairy right-hand maiden.  She is a young, pixie-ish tropical fairy who travels with the court wheresoever FAE Hollow may appear.  Children especially love to give her hugs and touch her fairy wings to see what they feel like.  Her small stature makes it easy for her to flit around “pixie pinching” unsuspecting humans but never fear!  This is just her way of leading mortals to the FAE Hollow where they can then use their clothes-pin “pinch” to clip a dream to the dream tree.

Ion the Leprechaun is the human-magic specialist.  He specializes in transmuting gold and authenticating dross to ensure our coyne is not a forgery. Ion has a not-so-secret fascination with studying human magic, which he says is called “science”.  He is especially fond of experimenting with making tesseract bubbles. Remember, you gotta keep your *eye on* the Leprechaun, or he dodges pictures and disappears!


Anira Aisling is our resident Autumn Fairy.  She loves to travel with the FAEry Court when we visit Renaissance Faires and Festivals and assist with photos, younglings and games.  You can be sure that her smile is a bright as the golden leaves of autumn!


Changeling Boy has recently joined the fairy court in silent service, often accompanying :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, or Leaflock when they must leave the glen.  When around the fae his voice is muted, and thus no one knows his secret name. Recently, his true nature as half pukah has begun to emerge, beginning with his red ears.  Perhaps once his enchanted side is fully revealed, he will discover his voice.

An avid collector of trinkets and bobbles, the satyr Runn Hidae is very much an adventurer at heart. He loves traveling to new exciting places and discovering fascinating new treasures with a particular fondness for magical talismans. He’s fallen out of practice with most of his magic in his travels but has been known to sing a bawdy song from time to time. His favorite things are the daily distractions of good friends, good drink and good times


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