We Call Shenanigans!

Mischief, pranks, hijinks! We use this term to refer to our in-person meet-ups and social outings. The term evolved as we made frequent appearances in public, all dressed up, and hilarity would ensue from shaking up the mundies with a bit of whimsy.  Now we use the term for whenever we want to have group outings.  So please, dress up, gear up, wing up, cosplay it up and get out and join the FAE crew!

We call Shenanigans! Get out in the last days of the season! Don your garb and join us as we descend upon the Mundies of Corvallis and shake up the normies! 😛

WHEN: Sep 28, 2019
WHERE: Corvallis, OR
WHAT: FAE Productions at Corvallis Fall Festival
WHY? Because shopping the handmade markets with your gnomies is fun!


We call Shenanigans! Dress up, gear up, wing up, cosplay it up and get out and join the Fae crew – this time after hours at Ye Merrie Greenwood!

WHEN: Sep 21 – 22, 2019
WHERE: Kennewick, WA
WHAT: FAE Productions at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renfaire
WHY? Join us in the Faerie Hollow as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox in fae style!

PRICE: $11 (Adults/Teens), $8 (Seniors) Free (Under 5)

We call Shenanigans! Get out your faerie finest – we’re going for a train ride & holiday whodunnit! Bring your holly jolly or humbugly self and join us as we add a little magic to the mundies!

WHEN: Dec 1, 2019
WHERE: Portland, OR
WHAT: FAE Productions at Oaks Amusement Park
WHY? Because a holiday who-dunnit amongst the FAE sounds awesome!

PRICE: $22 Adults, $16 Kids

Past Shenanigans

You can find pictures from these events by clicking on the image.  You will be taken to Facebook, where we upload our event pictures. 🙂

Gnome Trail of Maple Valley

Enchanted Forest Theme Park






Bigfoot Festival, Troutdale, OR

Scandinavian Fest, Junction City, OR

Carnival, Everett, WA














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