We call Shenanigans! Dress up, gear up, wing up, cosplay it up and get out and join the Fae crew as we all go visit Sasquatch to share some PNW Folklore love! What happens when a bunch of magical creatures from across the Hedge join forces with Bigfoot? We don’t know but it is sure to be a FAEntastic time!

FREE but the OBF asks a $5 suggested donation entry fee šŸ™‚

WHEN: Aug 17
WHERE: Troutdale, OR
WHAT: Bigfoot Festival
WHY? Solidarity with our fellow folklore creatures!

We’ll be dressing up and making a group outting/social of this event just for Funsies – if you’re looking for an excuse to wear your favorite cosplay, costume, wings, horns, hats or anything else – this is IT. Come be zany and unique with us!

WHEN: Sep 21 – 22, 2019
WHERE: Kennewick, WA
WHAT: FAE Productions at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renfaire
WHY? Join us in the Faerie Hollow as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox in fae style!

PRICE:Ā $11 (Adults/Teens), $8 (Seniors) Free (Under 5)


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