Rosie the Fairy

About Rosie the Fairy

Rosie is a Flower Fairy who love, love LOVES a good garden party! She is a consummate ballooning fairy who can twist up all kinds of  flowery (and zany) fun for you.

Years of practice at painting the roses red, has also made her into a fantastic face-painter and glitter tattoo artist!

Invite Rosie the Fairy to your party and she will be sure to delight you with her bright smile, talented twisting, and magic with the brush! She is the perfect for birthdays, festivals, or other celebrations!

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Rosie’s Schedule of Events

Rosie’s Event Pictures!

FacePaint1 FacePaint2 FacePaint3











Glitter Tattoo


Glitter Henna Tattoo


Skull face paint










































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