Our Patreon


Hey Everyfae!

You will see a lot about our Patreon on our site here.  Event & LARP production is a costly, and time-consuming effort, often more a labor of love than of profit.  We simultaneously want *everyone* to be able to join our events, without monetary barriers as well as to be able to fund them on our end by ditching the costly ticketing middle-man.  Our goal: Free & Easy.

We have learned that it is far easier for many people in a community to all kick in a little, according to their means, rather than to have to save up a huge lump sum for tickets, parking, food, gas, hotel/camp and all the things.

Our Patreon is how we have chosen to keep our events as free or low-cost as possible for everyone, whilst still providing for excellent setting, ambiance, story and VIP bonuses for those that want to be more invested.  It is also how we deliver a great deal of tiered content related to Hedge Chronicle activities and games.

Subscribers and Participants

FaePro has three primary types of folk that interact with us: 

  1. Subscribers – these are people that have boldly taken the plunge and joined the Patreon where they receive a variety of membership and VIP benefits
  2. Participants – those who come to our events and engage with us
  3. Small Businesses – vendors, artists, authors, other events/event producers.  We produce a great deal of content aimed at supporting the handmade and indie communities. Vendors and artists both attend our events with their booths to create the Fairy Market, as well as appear on our weekly YouTube shows. We also trade business-to-business spotlights and promos to try to make advertising affordable for all.  We always welcome anyone that is small biz/handmade/indie to sign up and connect with us! (https://www.tinyurl.com/AuthorReads, https://www.tinyurl.com/HandmadeHS )

If you are liking any part of what we do, please consider a small contribution – it helps us keep bringing you great things! Support our events by becoming our Patron & get exclusive VIP benefits!