Terrence the Dust Pixie

About Terrence the Dust Pixie

Terrence the Dust Pixie is a  that supplies all the magic pixie dust to the magical creatures in the Kingdom of Cascadia (that’s the Pacific Northwest on a human map).  When he’s not in court, he travels the realm entertaining children with merry song and dance, stories and tiny bits of magic.

NW performer and consumate cosplayer who specializes in childrens entertainment, clowning, puppetry and some magic.

In one of his many guises, Terrance helped established and has sat as a returning model at the popular, geeky restaurant, the AFK Tavern to pose for artist drawings and renditions.

Terrence definitely knows his mischief and would be the perfect guest for any Lost Boy birthday romps!





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Terrence’s Event Pictures!

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